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NYC Grooms Record Index

Kings County Grooms: 1864-1907
Manhattan Grooms: 1866-1907
Richmond Grooms: 1898-1907
Bronx Grooms: 1898-1907
Queens Grooms: 1905-1907
New York City (All Boroughs) Grooms: 1908-1937

This database contains the indexes to over 1,825,000 marriages recorded by the New York City Health department for the 5 Boroughs of New York City, from 1908 to 1936, and the period 1895 to 1897 for the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The marriage is listed only by the name of the groom. Unique to Kings County (Brooklyn), both the bride’s and groom’s names appear as separate entries in the index books from 1895 to 1897.

After 1937, there was no longer a requirement to register the marriage with the Health Department. All marriages from 1938 to the present are recorded with the Clerk in the borough where the marriage takes place.

Thanks to Robert Boeckle of the German Genealogy Group for all of the scanning and processing of over 21,300 index pages contained in the original index books and to Frank Sclafani of the Italian Genealogy Group for proof reading and editing the results.

We would also like to thank Brian Andersson, Commissioner, and Kenneth Cobb, Director of the Municipal Archives for their assistance in this project.

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