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Records Search: Naturalizations

We have provided a printable form to request Naturalization Records from the National Archives in NY — it is available after running a successful search.

Copies of the naturalization papers can be obtained from the National Archives by using this form. Copies can also be made at the National Archives, (One Bowling Green 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10004) and are much cheaper there, since you only pay for photocopying charges.

Documents can be ordered using a credit card at:


This database contains an index to over two million naturalization records that are available at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Manhattan. The indexes are a work in progress and additional records will be added. Below is a list of the indexes presently available from the following federal court districts and state counties:

Eastern District Court of NY Naturalizations

Southern District Court of NY Naturalizations

Northern District Court of NY Naturalizations

Western District New York Naturalizations

United States Circuit Court for the Southern District of New York

Clinton County, New York Naturalizations

Essex County, New York Naturalizations

Camden, New Jersey Naturalizations

Newark,  New Jersey Naturalizations

Trenton, New Jersey Naturalizations

Military Naturalizations

We have provided a downloadable form you can use to request Birth Certificates — it is available below the search results after running a successful search.

Please note that the Surname (e.g. Last Name) is a required entry field. But since exact spellings are not always known, to aid your search we offer three different ways to specify Surnames.

  1. Exact Match (“is exactly”) – This is the default surname search method.
  2. Soundex (“sounds like”) – This option enables you to specify a surname spelling it out as best you can, and it will return results that “sound” similar to what you spelled out.
  3. Wild Card  With this option you can replace part of the surname with a * to match any number of letters, or _ to match a single letter. So for example, Sch* will return all names starting with Sch. Similarly, Schl_tz might return results such as Schlitz or Schlotz.

For whichever of the above surname search options you would like to use, simply select the appropriate radio button option below the input field on the form. Although the additional form fields are optional, providing as much information as you can helps narrow your search. The more specific your search, the less time you need spend scrolling through search results!

NOTE: For Clinton County and Essex County, send request to NARA. For all other County naturalization records, send request to that county.


Suffolk County request form and additional information about Suffolk County record requests and databases.


Note: Leaving all un-checked is the same as checking all. You only need select any to limit your search to specific Countries/Districts.