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1868 to 1894 Manhattan

1862 to 1897  Brooklyn

1898 to 1948 All Boroughs

If you have ever tried to use the New York City death index for the early years, you will appreciate this latest database. If you look at the microfilm for these early years you know that you have to look at every month, every year and every borough.

Now the volunteers of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island have put these records in a very searchable database that will enable you to search with just a push of the button. Phase 1 of this effort covered the period 1891 – 1907. The second phase added the years 1908 through 1936 and will eventually include the indexes up to 1948.

We would like to thank Robert Boeckle of the German Genealogy Group and the phase 1 volunteers. Bob scanned and processed all of the index pages contained in the original index books. The Phase 1 volunteers then proofread and edited the results.

For phase 2, Bob teamed up with Frank Sclafani of the Italian Genealogy Group. Once again, Bob scanned the original indexes while Frank proofread and edited the results. To date, almost 31,000 pages have been scanned, processed, and edited, producing an online index to over 2,760,000 death certificates.

We are in the process of computerizing many of the other New York City indexes.

Do you want to help?  Contact Mario Toglia 

We would like to thank Brian Andersson, Commissioner and Kenneth Cobb, Director of the Municipal Archives for their assistance in this project.

We have provided a printable form to request Death Certificates from The New York City Municipal Archives. The form is available below the search results after a successful search.

If you find an error, you may submit a correction; but it MUST MATCH what is on the birth certificate. All other changes will not be accepted!

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