Do you have a question about Italian genealogy? We maintain an active Facebook group, with over 3500 members. You do not need to be an IGG member to join the Facebook group – and all are welcome to post questions, translation requests, and more. This should be your first stop, as the collective knowledge of the group is remarkable!

If you’d like to report a bug or discuss anything technical about the IGG website and databases, e-mail webmaster Michael Cassara at

Are you seeking a professional genealogist?

As an organization, we do not endorse any particular genealogist – and rates and approaches vary greatly. However, a good place to start is the Association of Professional Genealogists‘ directory – searchable by geographic specialty (including many professionals who specialize in Italy).

If you have a general question about the IGG, or a genealogical question that you have not been able to answer, feel free to write to to reach IGG board member Dr. Marilyn Verna.