Welcome to the IGG Surname Database. We are always working to give our members more information and more help in tracing their Italian family history. We welcome members to browse, search and sort and if necessary make any additions, corrections by e-mailing the surname database keeper.

Please note that the surnames and towns have been submitted by current and past IGG members.  Our database contains a submitter number which corresponds to the identity of a IGG donor member. If  the searcher wants more information about the donor, you must e-mail your request to:

Surname @

The surname database is easy to use. You may search under any category, namely: submitter number,  surname, a town, a province or a region. At present abbreviations are used for Province and Region.

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Reminder ALL town Provinces and Regions are abbreviated.  Please contact Surname for more information

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We appreciate and thank all members and contributors for helping make this, and our other databases, possible!