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  1. Want to Learn Italian Genealogy?

    from the May 2006 issue

    While we all like to sit at home and use the Internet to do genealogy there comes a time when you are seriously pursuing Italian genealogy you must go and learn more We are very fortunate this year in having several excellent opportunities to do so Go To Pittsburgh An outstanding program of exceptionally learned speakers will be at the Roots in the Boot Conference to be held on Friday and Saturday July and Keynote speaker is John P Colletta who is well-known to most Italian researchers Similarly many of you also know Keith Rose of the Family History Library...

  2. Website Databases

    from the September 2009 issue

    At the June meeting was John Martino made a presentation on the IGG website Naturalization Databases John explained that the entire database project is a cooperative product of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island The Federation member organizations are the African Atlantic Genealogical Society Computer Genealogy Society of LI Genealogy Support Group of Longwood Society for Historic Preservation Genealogy Workshop of the Huntington Historical Society German Genealogy Group Irish Family History Forum Inc Italian Genealogical Group Jewish Genealogical Society of LI Inc LI TMG Users Group Patchogue- Medford Library Genealogy Research Group Plainview Family History Center Queens Genealogy Workshop of...

  3. Website Visitor Forum

    from the June 2005 issue

    Occasionally visitors to our web site offer information which may be based on their research their travels or their experience Recently we received an email from Miguel Hernandez President of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Genealogical Society who wrote to tell us about an Abandoned Children's Exhibit he visited while on vacation in Prato Tuscany He writes as follows Recently I was in Tuscany on a vacation and while visiting the City of Prato I came across an exhibit on Abandoned Children that I thought might be of interest to your members Apparently from the th through the th centuries there...

  4. Westchester Chapter ews

    from the June 2010 issue

    Researching th Century Military Service Members On March th John Lozito once again shared with the chapter methods of researching military service For years John has been researching his uncle who was missing in action during World War II Besides tracking down and assembling a good deal of information he recently traveled to Europe to the field where his uncle died The first step says John is to gather the identification data about the service member with the following three items the most important name serial number and branch of service Having the correct proper name is very important so...

  5. Westchester Chapter

    from the December 2007 issue

    In honor of Italian Heritage Month and Family History Month the Westchester Chapter on Saturday October th provided a program on basic genealogy We were fortunate to have IGG member Tony Lauriano who does a two part program for Seniornet in Rockland County as our speaker Tony began with the basic information one should gather Realize that those stories heard over the years will contain some accurate information and some not so accurate so keep these stories in the back of your mind Tony then discussed Italian naming traditions with the first male being named after the paternal grandfather and...

  6. Westchester Chapter

    from the April 2008 issue

    June Hesler invites interested members to join IGG meetings at the Larchmont Public Library The April program is entitled What s Up Doc A Prescription for Analysis and Diagnosis of Genealogical Documents and Related Materials with Joanne Heffernan on Saturday April th at AM Learn how to examine genealogical resources for information when the resources appear not to offer much substance Joanne s talk is designed to assist the researcher in understanding various vital records related records and genealogical resources by using an analytical approach in order to discover information that enhances and hopefully furthers research Interested members and non-members...

  7. Westchester Chapter

    from the May 2008 issue

    A program on Steve Morse's One-Step website was presented by IGG member Phil Figario on Saturday March th at the Larchmont Public Library In attendance was the largest group to date which included many experienced researchers Dr Stephen Morse created these One-Step search tools to allow flexibility in searching They enable one to enter more than one piece of information at a time and provide the ability to use search options not given on the standard website Using these forms one can find information that was previously hidden The presentation started with a comparison of Steve Morse's Ellis Island forms...

  8. Westchester Chapter

    from the October 2008 issue

    Program on Writing Your Family Story The beautiful Westchester Italian Cultural Center in Tuckahoe was the location for our program held on Saturday September th IGG member Tony Lauriano who has been doing genealogical research has gathered much information and documents so he decided to write the story of his family He presented to the group possible topics to cover along with how-to tips including examples from his own narrative and a handout with helpful sources Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin to write your family narrative First you are not writing this for yourself...

  9. Westchester Chapter

    from the May 2009 issue

    Inside the New York City Municipal Archives was an entertaining and informative presentation delivered by Commissioner Brian Andersson on Saturday April th to the Westchester Chapter The meeting was held at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center in Tuckahoe Members and non-members were given a history of the Department of Records and Information Services and illustrative examples of the materials that can be found in the Archives As an historian and genealogist Brian Andersson has had numerous opportunities to share the historical records held by the Archives with many dignitaries and celebrities The Department of Records and Information Services DORIS was...

  10. Westchester Chapter

    from the September 2009 issue

    Searching Cemetery Records Great insight into searching cemetery records was offered by Toni McKeen with her presentation to the Chapter on June Her lecture began with the reasons for exploring cemeteries graves can confirm family relationships and show children who were born and died between the census the records can list individuals not listed on the headstone and reveal who paid for the plot you will have death dates and perhaps birth dates but be careful of the latter All in all cemetery records are another primary source In trying to locate where people are buried one needs to start...

  11. Westchester Chapter News

    from the September 2004 issue

    versity Jillian Verdecchia New Hyde Park Memorial High School Her essay zeroed in on her grandparents whose encouragement nurtured her love of her Italian family heritage Jillian writes of family foods and traditions the celebration of La Befana Catholic practices the value of respect hard work and sacrifices all passed down to her by her ancestors She writes My Italian heritage is why I dance the tarantella with nonno and celebrate Carnivale my heritage is what makes me She continues to write The importance of it is discovering me It is important because you discover things about your family that...

  12. Westchester Chapter News

    from the April 2005 issue

    On March th the Westchester Chapter gathered at the Larchmont Public Library for a demonstration of AncestryPlus the online genealogical resource available in the public libraries in Westchester It incorporates almost all of what is in the subscription part of Ancestry com The demonstration included searching WWI Draft Registration Cards and pulling up actual images of the cards which contain not only the regis trants' name and address but occupation employer country of citizenship and signature Other images viewed were entries from the Federal Census which is available from to Besides images there are indexes to immigration records directory entries...

  13. Westchester Chapter News

    from the March 2006 issue

    Researching th Century Military Service Members was the topic of the February meeting of the Westchester Chapter Approximately twenty people gathered to hear John Lozito share his knowledge and experience in searching for information about his grandfather s brother who was killed at the Battle of the Bulge during World War II and whose remains were never recovered Mr Lozito presented five steps to military research gathering identification data understanding military records organizing your data interpreting your data and reconstructing history He began by pointing out the information you must have in order to research the military records This information...

  14. Westchester Chapter News

    from the June 2006 issue

    Elaine Massena Principal Archivist at the Westchester County Archives gave an overview of the records kept at the archives which not only include not only naturalization marriage wills deeds estate corporation and cemetery records but also New York State census and school census records At the Chapter meeting held on May Ms Massena showed examples of the types of documents you can obtain for yo ur ancestors who lived in Westchester and the Bronx when it was part of Westchester Before going to the Archives which is open to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can check online at...

  15. Westchester Chapter News

    from the January 2007 issue

    On Saturday November IGG members gathered in a new setting the beautiful library of the new Westchester Italian Cultural Center WICC located in Tuckahoe New York In a program co-sponsored with WICC members and guests of WICC gathered for a presentation on Italian records Prior to the speaker s arrival laptops were brought out and Geoffrey Claroni Director of Programs at WICC along with IGG members Vincenzo Sperandio and Phil Figario assisted members and guests with Ancestry com and other genealogical web sites After a delicious refreshment break in the kitchen - and this is no ordinary kitchen but a...

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