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  1. Vacations in Italy

    from the February 2011 issue

    It s never too early to book your vacations to Italy Here are two trips that I think you might enjoy Most trips to Italy emphasize the major cities such as Rome Venice and Naples These two trips are off the beaten path but offer beautiful locations in Italy The first trip sponsored by NIAF is a seven night tour of Italy lake s region including Lake Como Lago Magiore Lago Garda and Lago Iseo in addition to a visit to Milan The tours begin in March The second trip is a unique look at Italy s south in Basilicata...

  2. Vendemmia in Sicily

    from the September 2013 issue

    As I drove down the winding country road in the Demone Valley of northeastern Sicily passing through small towns and villages with old rustic farmhouses in the distance there was a feeling of growing anticipation and excitement Even though I had made this trip only once before almost ten years earlier with my wife everything looked very familiar With Mount Etna the active volcano known as a muntagna by the Sicilians looming in the distance Uncle Tony and I made our way along the last leg of our trip from Fiumefreddo di Sicilia to Linguaglossa Linguaglossa was always a mysterious...

  3. Verifying a Family Tale

    from the October 2012 issue


  4. Veterans Day Mike Colamonico

    from the December 2013 issue

    Veterans Day Guest Speaker Meet WWII POW Michael Colamonico of H u n t i n g t o n N Y Michael s father was a Brooklyn ice-man from Altamura BA Mike worked with him on the tru ck T he famil y belonged to the Altamura Society and attended the Feast of Our Lady of the Buoncammino Mike was drafted into the Army in Army Air Force Staff Sergeant Colamonico was a B- top turret gunner He was stationed in England On December at the end of a hour bombing run his plane was shot down over France...

  5. Veterans' Day 2012

    from the December 2012 issue

    Bob Johnson observed Veterans Day at the US Submarine Veterans-Long Island Base Memorial at the Bay Shore Marina in Bay Shore NY Bob s father Lieutenant Clarence Herman Johnson was a crew member of the submarine USS Sealion SS- which was in dry dock at the Cavite Navy Yard on Manila Bay in the Philippine Islands on December Two days later the sub took two direct hits in a Japanese air raid which demolished the Cavite Navy Yard Five men on the sub were killed Critical equipment was removed and three depth charges were set off to keep Sealion out...

  6. Vice President's Message

    from the March 2013 issue

    The Blizzard of is one for the history books Ringrazia speciale to our President Angela LaGiglia One before and twice this year Angela has had to cancel a meeting due to the weather With record amounts of snow predicted for Long Island Angela posted a notice on our web page and contacted Channel News She asked Joe Battagliese to use the newsletter email list to advise the membership about the snow emergency Great job Angela and Joe Even in the wake of a cancelled meeting there are people to thank Ann and Frank Chiappisi were probably out shopping for the...

  7. Victor Tannidinardo

    from the May 2015 issue

    - Victor Tannidinardo was born in Rochester New York on February His Italian immigrant father Ostilio was a tailor and mother Angelina reared four of the healthiest handsomest children in the neighborhood In high school Vic was a top athlete excelling in baseball basketball and boxing while winning the school's title of The Strongest Athlete When young Vic and a small group of Rochester teens applied for summer jobs at the giant Eastman Kodak Company the Americans were hired and the Eyetalian with the blond curly hair and blue eyes was told We have no room for a Tannidinardo here...

  8. Visitors from Italy

    from the May 2007 issue

    Delegation from Italian Town to Visit Burlington City Officials from Italy visited on April to see where hundreds of Italian immigrants settled and meet their families at a reunion All of the Italian officials live in or near Capracotta Italy a remote mountain town where lack of employment led many to leave for opportunities in the U S and elsewhere starting in the s The town is in the Molise region of Italy next to Abruzzo Joseph Paglione of Burlington Township head of the reunion committee said the officials also are coming to show support for a local effort to...

  9. Volunteer Awards Ceremony

    from the November 2005 issue

    Volunteer Awards Ceremony At the October th General Membership Meeting Barbara Florio presented the winners of this years Italian Genealogical Group Volunteer Awards The winners of Certificates of Appreciation were the following Sabina Anselmo for her help at the meetings and seminars and for helping with the mail Gene Reale for his work on the by-laws seminar committees and member database Carlos Staiti for his free translations of members letters and documents Michael Florio for his help at the meetings functions and seminars and his assistance with the raffles Phil Figario and Peter Latanzi for their help at the meetings...

  10. Voyage to America

    from the October 2015 issue

    Since life during the th century in Italy was extremely difficult for a great many families it was prior to the birth of their second child that the decision was made for Vincenzo to leave Italy and set sail for America It was a gamble but staying in Italy could no longer be a consideration Vincenzo was a cobbler calzolaio by trade maker of shoes His plan was to go to America with whatever cobbler tools he could carry and set up his shop where he would continue to make shoes Not the least of which he had hoped for...

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