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  1. Sad IGG News

    from the March 2016 issue

    I am so sad to inform you that Barbara Florio Vice President of Programming passed away on Thursday February Barbara was a very special person a valuable hard-working IGG executive board member and a friend to all You could always count on Barbara to light up the room with her big smile and kind heart Like John Martino Barbara is irreplaceable...

  2. Sad IGG News

    from the November 2016 issue

    We are so sad to inform you of the passing of Bill Amadio on Friday October Bill was an active member of the IGG s Facilities Committee and along with his wife Josephine were active members of the Scholarship Committee Bill was a Korean War Veteran and a member of the Town of Huntington Veterans Committee Bill was always present at our IGG meetings to lend a hand and greet you with a smile He will be missed...

  3. Sad News

    from the February 2005 issue

    On January June Delalio received a telephone call from Gladys Tricarico informing June that her husband Jim Tricarico passed away on Monday December and was buried at Calvary Cemetery on December Jim was a long time member of IGG bearing member While they lived in Sunnyside he often made the trip to the Bethpage meetings and was immensely proud of being a member of IGG and tracing his family heritage from Tricarico in the Province of Potenza He helped the organization over the years when he could and donated materials relating to his area of Italy to our library I...

  4. Sad News

    from the October 2017 issue

    I am so sad to inform you that Carol Ann Galgano passed away on Monday September Carol was a hard-working Scholarship Committee member who helped to establish the original IGG Scholarship Program Carol was a friend to all and she will be missed...

  5. Salerno Records

    from the October 2010 issue

    The website for the state archives of Salerno is This site is only displayed in Italian and basically it reports that the vital and military records from - are held in Salerno and they are being transcribed into a real-time index Records made later are in each town and the local Tribunale I have translated the new database portion of the web page on the on Google Translate as follows The State Archives of Salerno annually receives numerous requests for investigation of Italian citizenship by descendants of Italian emigrants abroad or simply requests for genealogical research The complexity of the...

  6. Salute, Popoli!

    from the December 2014 issue

    The Pope himself couldn t have picked a finer B B for us in Popoli Italy I feel blessed to have found Giada Gagliardi the owner of our B B Popoli is a comune in the provence of Pescara in the Abruzzo region When I first emailed her about my quest to come to Popoli the birthplace of my maternal grandmother Maria Venti to find her my relatives I mentioned her name and her date and place of birth Popoli in I was intending to go to the ufficio dello stato civile and do some research but when we arrived...

  7. San Nicola & Santa Lucia

    from the December 2008 issue

    Gifts from our ancestors According to the Italian historian Franco Cardini our ancestors in Italy who were mostly Catholic believed that the time between November nd the Day of the Dead and January th the Epiphany was a time when the order of things in the universe were unstable and the doors to the beyond remained open They believed that their ancestors rose out of their graves and returned home for a visit It was a time when gifts from the other world or the word beyond arrived by way of ancestors or from San Nicola Saint Nicholas Santa Lucia...

  8. Sandy Damaged Photos

    from the June 2013 issue

    Volunteers help restore photos damaged by Sandy Of all the images of superstorm Sandy's destruction the ones that linger for Deer Park resident Florence Catania are the torn stained pictures that hung on her walls Her mother's decades-old wedding portrait her own eighth-grade graduation photo a snapshot that captured her mom on a carefree teenage day all damaged in a Sandy-sparked fire at Catania's home But volunteers with Operation Photo Rescue scattered around the world are digitally mending Catania's personal photos and others battered by Sandy Founded after Hurricane Katrina the nonprofit network of photographers graphic artists and hobbyists has...

  9. Save Ellis Island

    from the November 2010 issue

    Church of the Latter Day Saints in Utah Visit the LDS Library catalog on familysearch org Tony displayed a slide of an Atto di nascita from a volume of Viggiano births which was being held at the LDS Family History Center in Plainview The slide also showed an Estratto di Nascita of the same birth his grandmother which he obtained in Viggiano Study the records Tony says Read them once twice and three times There is always something new Organize Your Information Tony uses a professional genealogy software program to store the information and develop a professional family tree Plan...

  10. Save Italian Language Classes

    from the September 2013 issue

    There has been a year battle in New York City Schools and in Long Island School Districts to introduce the Italian language into the public school system One of the early leaders in introducing Italian in the New York City Schools was Leonardo Coviello a principal in Harlem Harlem in the s had a large Italian population Coviello received the political support of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and State Senator Sal Cotillo and gained the support of the NYC Board of Education to deem the Italian language as a required subject in the secondary schools in NYC in Leonardo Coviello was...

  11. Save the Colombo Monument

    from the December 2013 issue

    Colorado was the first state to recognize Columbus Day in thirty years before it became a national holiday in The oldest Cristoforo Colombo monument west of the Mississippi River erected in in Pueblo Colorado is urgently in need of repair It has not been professionally cleaned in over years The Sons of Italy Southern Lodge in was successful in placing the monument on the National Register of Historic Places The lodge has pledged to raise to repair the monument and its base with matching funds from the City of Pueblo and The Colorado Historical Society Names of donors will be...

  12. Save the History of Iraq's Jews

    from the December 2013 issue

    A flood in a basement underneath the ruins of Saddam Hussein's intelligence service nearly destroyed centuries of history of Iraq's vanished Jewish community Here is the story of the American archivist who led the effort to rescue the books and papers enabling their display this week at the National Archives in the US capital Three months after the US-led invasion of Iraq in Doris Hamburg received a phone call from Baghdad US soldiers searching for weapons of mass destruction in the ruins of Saddam Hussein's intelligence agency in Baghdad had discovered a large cache of papers and books in a...

  13. Scholarship News

    from the February 2011 issue

    Scholarship applications for the IGG Scholarship are available at our website www italiangen org Applicants must be high school students of Italian ethnicity who are studying Italian in school if it is offered They must show evidence of research into family history through an essay and a four-generation family tree Applications and detailed instructions may be downloaded by clicking on the Scholarship button Be sure to print all four pages and adhere to the deadline for submission April th Students lacking internet access may obtain an application and instructions by sending a selfaddressed stamped business envelope to Angela LaGiglia Quincy...

  14. Scholarship Drive Begins

    from the November 2015 issue

    Once again we ask your support for our scholarship drive Your scholarship appeal letter along with chances for our cash prize will be in your postal mailbox soon Last year through your generosity we were able to award four scholarships The first place award was There have been some changes in our scholarship requirements for this upcoming year Applicants must now have a letter of recommendation from an IGG member This means that you may be the person who recommends the potential winner You may choose a family member a friend or any other high school senior of Italian descent...

  15. Scholarship Update

    from the January 2010 issue

    The Scholarship Committee would like to thank all those who contributed to our successful holiday raffle through which we netted a profit of approximately First prize was won by Ted Szwejkowski and second by Elaine Caridi Thank you to Bill Amadio for coordinating this fundraiser We have reached our first goal and have enough to award our first scholarship Louise Perrotta s efforts have secured the site for our next fundraiser a garage sale to be held at a beautiful park-like site on Saturday May st rain-date May th in the Village of Lindenhurst We are currently collecting donations of...

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