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  1. Palermo & Giardini Naxos

    from the January 2010 issue

    If you are Sicilian or an Italian-American who wants to tour Sicily for its ancient ruins or to research your ancestors in their local comune and church or to taste Sicilian pastry you may want to explore a National Italian American Foundation tour between February and November Those persons doing genealogical research should be aware of the fact that Palermo is divided into four districts You may want to contact a Sicilian friend about this district make-up before traveling to Palermo It s also a good idea to write in advance to your comune and church to alert them of...

  2. Palermo, the Pearl of Sicily

    from the March 2012 issue

    Since the Italian Genealogical Group has a large number of Sicilian members I thought it appropriate to write an article on Sicily concentrating on or two of its cities This article focuses on both the city of Palermo as well as its region Early Settlements The settlement of Palermo dates back to the Pliestocene Epoch to BC as evidenced by the cave drawings found in the ancient Sicaiani cave art at Addaura By BC the Phoenicians had built a small settlement on the harbor of Palermo The Greeks soon established a dominant City-state in Syracuse also settling in Palermus which...

  3. Palermo, the Pearl of Sicily

    from the April 2012 issue

    Religion Roman Catholicism is highly important in Palermitan culture The patron saint of this city is Saint Rosalia Her feast day July is the biggest social event in the city The area attracts significant numbers of tourists each year and is widely known for its colorful fruits vegetables and fish market at the heart of Palermo known as the Vucciria Some of the churches are San Cataldo on the central plaza Bellini Santa Maria della Gancia Santa Maria della Catena San Giuseppe di Teatini a B a r o q u e c h u r c h considered to...

  4. Palermo, the Pearl of Sicily - Part 3

    from the May 2012 issue

    Panella and Facism in Sicily One of the great finger foods of Sicily is panella which is a fried cake made from the finely-ground flour of ceci chickpeas or in Spanish garbanzos Another finger food is crocchei which are potato croquets Panella is the oldest dating back to the Middle Ages Today panella is sold on street corners and in some restaurants Like arancine rice balls they are a permanent part of Sicilian street foods These recipes date back to as early as BC Cici or cicir artistinum originated with Neolithic man in the Middle East and Western Asia It...

  5. Pasquale Imperato, a Hidden Gem

    from the April 2013 issue

    The Management of Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis Superimposed on Rheumatic Heart Disease in the Immediate Pre-Penicillin Era The Case of Pasquale Imperato Submitted by Armand Tarantelli Book Review-Do not let the title scare you While it is true this report is a medical paper filled with technical terms prepared by Dr Pascal James Imperato and his sons Dr Austin C Imperato and Dr Gavin H Imperato The Imperatos they have included a hidden gem This report contains a comprehensive family history that is the result of four decades of meticulous genealogical research conducted here in the US and in Italy Anyone...

  6. Passenger Arrival Records

    from the March 2007 issue

    Note At our February meeting Don Eckerle presented a Power Point lecture on the history of Ship Passenger Arrival Records using knowledge gained through Don s research and personal experiences at NARA Since so many audience members requested copies of the presentation we are printing a detailed facsimile of Don s lecture for all our members Early Records Prior to the immigrants to North America had few requirements to register their arrival Most were citizens of countries that had original colonies in North America England France Dutch and Spain and they were not required to document their arrival Most sailing...

  7. Passports, Visas, and Alien Registrations

    from the November 2015 issue

    In addition to census immigration naturalization military and vital records there are many citizenship related records available to genealogists Passports were not required for everyone until although used intermittently since the late s Passport applications can be found on ancestry com They give information as to date of arrival naturalizations age name of parents destinations with name of ship etc Some also have photographs Visas In Congress enacted the first restrictive immigration law implementing a literacy test for everyone over years of age It also increased the tax paid by new immigrants and gave more discretion as to whom to...

  8. Pennsylvania Births & Deaths

    from the February 2012 issue

    Birth Death Records More Readily Available The Times Leader Wilkes-Barre Scranton reports that Pennsylvania has taken a step toward making birth and death records more readily available to genealogists and other members of the public But according to a records activist group that step is not quite far enough Starting in about mid-February birth certificates years old and more as well as death certificates years old and more will be open to the public but with some limits You will have to visit the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg and search on a computer there or be a subscriber to Ancestry...

  9. Photoduplication Services Discontinued at FamilySearch

    from the January 2015 issue

    As more microfilm and books are digitized and added to FamilySearch org and more links are made available to partner sites that already have this information digitized the need for photoduplication will decrease FamilySearch is attempting to digitize as many resources as possible and make these available online If the film or book has been digitized you can print your own copies directly from the web site if printing the image is not restricted by the copyright holder To find the resources that are digitized please visit the FamilySearch Catalog Also available on the Catalog page is a link to...

  10. Photographing Arlington Graves

    from the December 2011 issue

    Troops Photograph Every Arlington Grave ARLINGTON This summer troops from the Army's historic Old Guard have gone into Arlington National Cemetery to photograph every grave with an iPhone The task which involved more than grave markers and more than sets of cremated remains is part of the Army's effort to update and fully digitize the cemetery's maps The Old Guard performed its work at night to escape the summer heat and to avoid interrupting funerals Last year a scandal over mismanagement revealed unmarked and mismarked graves Congress then mandated that the cemetery account for the graves of the people interred...

  11. Pilgrimage to Ponza

    from the September 2010 issue

    Isola Di Ponza is the largest of the Italian Pontine archipelago located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Naples Ponza is also the name of the comune of the island a part of the province of Latina in the Lazio region The comune is a panoramic island surrounded by Mediterranean houses on little bays beaches and panoramic restaurants with typical cusine of fish The island has a population of about and accesses is provided by high-speed ferries from Terracina on the mainland On May this year Deacon Silverio Sal Di- Fazio of the church of Santa Maria Del...

  12. Pittsburg Chapter ROOTS IN THE BOOT

    from the April 2017 issue

    Marilyn Holt discussed genealogy websites with emphasis on the Carnegie Library genealogy website along with the Platt Maps Sanborn Maps th century US newspaper archives and Pennsylvania Newspapers Members shared their family histories and artifacts Bruna Rubbicon new member and author discussed the usefulness of dual passports when traveling in Europe Interest in how one can prepare for a trip to Italy was expressed Bruna will present helpful hints as highlighted in her book An Insider s Guide to Italy Marilyn Holt introduced their speaker Thomas Mihollan Thomas has travelled and researched extensively in Italy His presentation was very well...

  13. Pittsburgh Chapter News

    from the December 2010 issue

    The Pittsburgh chapter has been busy with various activities during its meetings Members reported on John Fante s books Members were encouraged to visit the Pittsburgh web site for ancestral background information The group will have computer lab workshops during the year Members reported on the POINT Conference workshops held in Salt Lake City Some members met relatives while discussing surnames they were searching They reviewed the material they found at the Mormon Library The October meeting was held at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh to tour the exhibit on the Vatican Splendors Exhibit It included works of art...

  14. Pittsburgh Chapter News

    from the December 2012 issue

    The September and October meetings were open forums to discuss how the members are spreading the word to encourage genealogy Jean Phillips had an article published in POINTers magazine relating the discovery of cousins in Sant Omero They developed a strong bond through the years and visits here and abroad ensued A copy was presented to each member John Zappia published a book entitled The Greatest Gift from Sicily Donna Bridida It is a story of his grandmother and her life in the Little Italy section of Pittsburgh from - It is available on Amazon In the future he will...

  15. Pittsburgh Chapter News

    from the March 2013 issue

    Last month the chapter viewed the showing of Michael Di Lauro s new documentary La Mia Strada MYyRoad He is the producer of Prisoners Among Us This new film is a very poignant one depicting how he links up to family in Italy and discovers how fragile the bonds are that connect a family from generation to generation from country to country It is a link between the ancient and contemporary history of families divided by an ocean yet united by an indelible genetic bond It is a celebration of one man s quest to strengthen those bonds A preview...

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