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  1. October 15th Deadline Approaches

    from the October 2015 issue

    Beginning November st members will not receive a print copy of the newsletter unless it has been specifically requested October th is the deadline for this request You may call in this request Angela LaGiglia - - or email us Italian genealogical group gmail com Your newsletter will appear in your e-mailbox as an attachment on the first day of each month The subject line will read IGG Newsletter Each month you will also receive an announcement of the upcoming meeting along with any handouts the speaker has provided for us The handouts will complement the monthly summary of the...

  2. October 2004 Service Awards

    from the November 2004 issue

    This year we have many members who received Volunteer Service Awards and certificates There were two categories recognized The Armand Tarantelli Service Award and certificates went to members who volunteer their services to our genealogy group The second award and certificates went to our members for service in helping to preserve the many records and projects with John Martino at the National Archives Members recognized for the Armand Tarantelli certificates were as follows Anthony Romano Mike Genovese Marilyn Verna Bud Pape Ann Chiappisi Frank Chiappisi The Armand Tarantelli Service Awards went to two outstanding members for excellent service to our...

  3. October IGG Meeting

    from the October 2017 issue

    Our next meeting is October th Janeen Bjork will speak on My Italian Origins Arpino and Isola del Liri Italy Travel to and immerse yourself in two of the most beautiful and storied Italian towns you've never heard of while picking up some tips on researching and recording your family history Janeen will take us on a family history adventure that spans several centuries and two continents...

  4. October Meeting - Toni Mckeen

    from the November 2016 issue

    Our guest speaker was Toni McKeen a noted genealogist lecturer and teacher The name of her lecture was Acquiring Italian Records Her Power Point presentation showed us the basics of Italian records which included copies of documents what is available and where to find them Toni walked us through methods to locate foreign documents what you will need to know before hopping the pond how to read them translation tips and how to determine what these documents really tell us How to Acquire Italian Documents Do your homework first There are regions of Italy Within those regions there are provinces...

  5. October Meeting-Finding Your Ancestor's Occupations

    from the November 2014 issue

    At our October meeting our guest speaker was Tony Lauriano genealogy lecturer and teacher His lecture is entitled Finding Y our Ancestor s Occupations Tony is a long time researcher with a large family and has located many records during years of research His ancestors came to the US early in the Italian immigration Steamship Lines were advertising for workers to come to America His grandfather told him They came to America to work Using family records Tony has been able to develop a long list of his ancestors occupation s from the th through the early th centuries Tony...

  6. October Meeting-Toni McKeen

    from the November 2012 issue


  7. October Mtg.-Tony Di Bartolo

    from the November 2010 issue

    Our speaker at the October meeting was Anthony Di Bartolo whose topic was Steps to Start Your Family Tree Tony took us through a heartfelt story of how he was able to put together his family history despite old Sicilian myths The presentation included slides of his personal records and photos that he received from his family after they learned of his research endeavor He also has photos from his visits to the ancestral towns at which he was welcomed royally Gather What You Know About Your Family Tony displayed a family chart starting with his Sicilian and Napolitano grandparents...

  8. of the original bearers. Gallo or Galliano looked

    from the January 2005 issue

    of the original bearers Gallo or Galliano looked like roosters Izzo or Loizzo were snail like Mussolini and Muscarella looked like flies or gnats while Martinello looked like a lady bug Fasano looked like a pheasant and Caliendo sang like a lark Colombo seemed like a dove and Capra was goat-like Volpe had the appearance of a fox Lupo a wolf Urso a bear Trago a frog and Agnello was as gentle as a lamb Some Italian names are patronyms This is a word which means named after the father DiGiovanni Di or DeCristoforo DeFranco and DiNunzio are examples but...

  9. On an Italian Island, How He Met My Mother - Personal Journeys

    from the May 2016 issue

    When you pull into the port of Ponza a tiny Italian island between Rome and Naples you can see my grandfather s childhood home Position yourself outward from the terra-cotta wall of the harbor which is shaped like a crescent Glance across the ombr Tyrrhenian Sea and up the western hillside specked with pastel doll houses Look closely and you can spot one outlier an eroding whitewashed facade haunting the cheery amphitheater like a holy ghost There it is I don t know when exactly I decided Ponza was the place where Dan would connect with my dead mother When...

  10. On the Street Where You Live

    from the February 2011 issue

    Back in the n i n e t e e n - s i x t i e s G r a n d m a R o s i n a B a c c a r e l l i Simone spoke of love and marriage back in Italy in her day I guess you could say the story started on a b a l c o n y ove r looking the street where she lived It was She was years old when she decided that she was going to marry Grandpa From her vantage point on...

  11. One Easy Way to Connect

    from the January 2007 issue

    Food One Easy Way to Connect With the Past One sure way to reconnect with our Italian roots is to taste those treasured old recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next Instantly we are sharing experiences with people and places of another century One of our families treasures is simply called Chicken with Wine It arrived in America with my grandparents in My grandmother told me she got it from her mother-in-law Filomena D Onchia Filomena was born on Nov She married my great-grandfather Vito Michele Simone on June in her home town of Alberobello...

  12. Online 1925 Bklyn Census Name Index

    from the January 2005 issue

    Another project has opened on the Steve Morse Web Site Suzanne Danet is tackling an every name index for the Brooklyn Census This project when completed will be a valuable resource for NYC researchers There are a number of films to transcribe but Suzanne has compiled enough names to warrant opening the utility to the public Steve has put this new utility and the NYC Geographical Search Utility under construction in a separate folder called New York Census at http www stevemorse org...

  13. Online Newspaper Collection

    from the March 2016 issue

    Following is a copy of letter that Joanne Heffernan received from Diana Bowers of the Brooklyn Public Library in response to Joanne s search for old newspapers in an online chat Hello Thank you for contacting the Brooklyn Collection I am following up on your chat session below From what I can tell your initial question about directories was answered by the librarian providing the link to our Digital Collections page but let me know if you still have questions about that It also seems that you discovered our online archive of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle but just in case...

  14. Order Your IGG Cookbook

    from the October 2009 issue

    The popular IGG Cookbooks are available for early holiday shoppers They are chock full of authentic recipes from our members from their various regions of Italy The price is with a additional charge for mailing Order now to be sure to receive as many copies as you want They make great Christmas presents Just send in your order and your cookbook s will be shipped promptly Fill out this order form please print and mail it with your check payable to IGG to Angela LaGiglia Quincy Place West Islip Y Name Address City State Zip Phone E-mail I wish copies...

  15. Organizational Problems

    from the November 2006 issue

    My Top Five Organizational Problems One of the biggest challenges faced by family historians is how to keep the growing collection of records charts and forms in order I thought we'd address some of those problems in this week's newsletter This is a topic that I feel qualified to discuss since I have made pretty much every mistake possible in this area at one point or another Cut Back the Forest of Family Trees Over the years I've used a variety of genealogical software programs I experiment with many of them both for work purposes and for my own family...

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