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  1. More on Fiorello LaGuardia

    from the January 2016 issue

    Mike Falabella has some interesting aviation facts to add to the Fiorello LaGuardia biography in last months newsletter From - LaGuardia served in the American Consular Service in Hungary and Trieste before returning to the US to work at Ellis Island LaGuardia was multi lingual and therefore when in the Consular Service was assigned to Trieste which was part of Italy at that time His job was to help the Italian immigrants leaving Italy before they got on the ships to America LaGuardia actually graduated from New York University School of Law in He was admitted to the bar the...

  2. More on Interment Lists

    from the June 2015 issue

    In reference made to Joanne Heffernan s ar ticle Calvary Cemetery which appeared in last month s edition of the newsletter Mike Falabella writes that he has relatives from both sides of his family buried in St John s Cemetery also a Catholic cemetery located in Queens NY near Calvary Cemetery Several years ago he had his mother s brother interred in St John s While waiting in the cemetery office he was asked by one of the clerks if he knew the location of the grave site The plot is an old burial site purchased by his great-grandfather in...

  3. More on Lost Italian American History

    from the October 2014 issue

    In the September issue of the Smithsonian Air Space magazine Frank Winter published a article entitled Through the Perilous Fight commemorating the th anniversary of our national anthem Mr Winter the former curator of rocketry at the National Air and Space Museum says that Francis Scott Key was inspired while witnessing the British fleet launching rockets over Baltimore Harbor during the battle for Fort McHenry during the War of Fort McHenry is at the entrance to the Potomac River and provides access to Washington DC Our Navies defeated of the British Frigates in the Caribbean where they were Shanghaiing our...

  4. More on Medical History Aspects

    from the October 2013 issue

    I have been a member of the Italian Genealogical Group since November and have never chosen to respond to the informative articles in the newsletter until I read the May issue I'm soon to be years old and have been doing my family's history for the past years Your databases have allowed me to do New York research by computer finding marriages and deaths in a number of branches that settled in the five boroughs of New York City I continue to research and add to the databases of my parents' as well as my wife's parents' families I am...

  5. More Volunteers Needed!

    from the November 2004 issue

    immediately locate materials in these facilities you can waste research time Continually expand and hone your Internet skills in the use of search engines databases directories metasearch engines message boards e-mail mailing lists people finders and other tools Seek out classes at colleges universities libraries genealogical society computer groups and at online venues such as the Genealogy Training Workshops at MyFamily com Use all the resources available to you--books magazines and journals newspapers microfilm electronic databases and the Internet--and integrate their use to obtain complementary information Use the resources you have in tandem to prove and refute information Develop and...

  6. More Websites

    from the May 2005 issue

    Italian Land Finder - Ricerche Immobiliari Italia at h t t p w w w s e v i m i t itslianlaw index asp This is a commercial site with a data base permitting one to see if property is still in the family name in Italy The resulting title report for genealogy purposes will also list the names birth dates birth places and sometimes wills of relatives on property titles http www brooklyn net neighborhoods html Visit this site for a history of some of the old Brooklyn neighborhoods along with some old Brooklyn stories http www sersale...

  7. Mortality Schedules

    from the January 2007 issue

    Using U S Census Mortality Schedules Genealogists depend more on the U S Federal Census population schedules for locating their ancestors' whereabouts than any other single record type Despite the fact that U S census enumerations took place over weeks or months depending on the decennial year and the certainty that some transcription errors were made when the enumerators and other clerical personnel copied the census schedules we still place a great deal of emphasis on the value of the information we find there Research into U S census records quickly reveals that there were more than just population schedules...

  8. Most Precious Blood Church

    from the January 2013 issue

    Chinatown Manhattan NY The Church of the Most Precious Blood had its humble beginnings in when by Vatican decree a National Parish should be established in this area for the sole purpose of serving the rapidly growing number of Italian immigrants who incidentally were not welcomed into any of the other are churches but were always relegated to worship and receive sacraments of the Church in the basements of other Parishes such as Transfiguration and St Patrick's Cathedral located at that time on Mott Street The creation of Most Precious Blood National Parish was to change all that recognizing for...

  9. Mr. Cobb Weds Miss Corn

    from the January 2006 issue

    Mr Cobb Weds Miss Corn Miss Margaret Corn was married to Mr Stanley Cobb recently at El Paso Texas at the home of the bride's parents The marriage license clerk at the courthouse refused to issue the license thinking it was a joke When he convinced the clerk that it was on the level Cobb shelled out for the license Thanks to Barbara Chisler in Vibbard Missouri who writes that she found this wedding announcement in the Excelsior Springs Missouri Weekly Call newspaper dated November...

  10. Multi-Culturalism in Italy

    from the November 2009 issue

    Italy has about million immigrants today both legal and illegal Until twenty years ago most people in Italy had the same religion race and cul- ture but today is also home to foreigners seeking new lives Italy s population has grown to mil- lion but the average Italian family s one and one half children is well below the average of other European Countries Legal immigration has almost tripled since the s to about million in while the number of illegal immigrants has increased by ac- cording to an internal Catholic organization In Africans including un- accompanied minors arrived to...

  11. Murphy's Law of Genealogy

    from the September 2004 issue

    Murphy's Law of Genealogy The public ceremony in which your distinguished ancestor participated and at which the platform collapsed under him turned out to be a hanging When at last after much hard work you have solved the mystery you have been working on for two years your aunt says I could have told you that You grandmother's maiden name that you have searched for four years was on a letter in a box in the attic all the time You never asked your father about his family when he was alive because you weren't interested in genealogy then The...

  12. My Cousin From Basilicata

    from the September 2006 issue

    My Distant Cousin from Basilicata Featured In Time Magazine William S Gimello Have you ever read a magazine article and found a quote from a distant cousin in Italy I recently came across an article in the April issue of Time Magazine entitled Is This Man Grayer Than He Looks by Jeff Israely The article discusses Silvio Berlusconi s fight for reelection and the aging of Italian politicians and aging population The author describes the election as an election between two men born in the s reflecting Italy s geriatric tilt Silvio Berlusconi is and Romano Pradi is In the...

  13. My Family Reunion

    from the November 2012 issue


  14. My Italian Family

    from the September 2016 issue

    https www myitalianfamily com My Italian Family specializes in family research services to help all people with an Italian origin to reconnect to their roots back in Italy and apply for an Italian passport Call Toll-Free number - - - Email ask myitalianfamily com Fax - - -...

  15. My Journey to Dual Citizenship (Part I )

    from the December 2005 issue

    My Journey to Dual Citizenship Part I Mimi Torchia Boothby As a youth I read that the Italian government welcomed Americans of Italian heritage that could speak Italian I didn't worry too much about it I was taking Italian but had no pressing plans to move to Italy Gradually through the years I have found myself leaning further and further towards Italian citizenship but with two children and a full time job I didn't have much time for it Enter the internet fast easy access to information on how to get dual citizenship for Americans with Italian heritage I sent...

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