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  1. L. M. DeGrazia-Urban Ancestors

    from the November 2013 issue

    Of City Slickers and Straphangers Tracing Urban Ancestors Research in an urban environment has similarities to research in a rural setting To establish the identity of a person use the same sources vital records census etc Some immigrant groups from similar areas settled in the same neighborhood Researching the histories of neighborhoods is helpful in understanding context You need to conduct background research on occupations organizations and other subjects When you research records make note of who made the record and where it was obtained Naturally an urban setting has many more records in its collections than a non-urban area...

  2. La Befana

    from the January 2013 issue

    an Italian Tradition Submitted by Toni McKeen Just like children in America Italian children also hang up their stockings The big difference is that the children in Italy hang their stockings on the eve of the Feast of Epiphany celebrated on January th The children in Italy are not waiting for Santa Claus to fill their stockings but the old lady known as La Befana In Italy Christmas is celebrated as a sacred holiday observed with solemn ceremonies and a Midnight Mass in the churches The Italians traditionally wait to exchange gifts on the Feast of the Epiphany The Three...

  3. La Befana

    from the January 2014 issue

    Do you believe in L a Be f a n a F o r centuries an old woman has delivered gifts to all the children of Italy on the eve of the Epiphany Little Christmas in a way that's all too familiar La Befana visits all the children of Italy and fills their stockings with candy and presents if there were good or gives them a lump of coal or dark candy if they were bad In many poorer parts of Italy a stick was placed in the stocking instead of coal Being a good housekeeper La Befana sweeps the...

  4. La Chiesa Valdese

    from the April 2017 issue

    In Waldensian zealots returned to the Piedmont Valley This is known as The Great Return Nine hundred men crossed Lake Geneva and proceeded onward to the Waldensian Valley through rugged mountains and bitter cold taking hostages as they moved ahead The surprised Catholics of the valley abandoned their houses belongings and property and took to the eastern plains The Protestant Reformation did not put an end to the Waldensian persecution the Duke of Savoy was rough on the Waldensians but they endured Many later on joined with Protestant denominations becoming Lutheran Waldensian Methodist Waldensian etc Many migrated to other sections...

  5. LA County Records

    from the September 2012 issue


  6. La Notizia da Sicilia

    from the June 2007 issue

    In April I represented the IGG at a day long conference at the Queensboro Public Library I told the audience that my journey really began long before I found my grandfather s birth certificate in microfilm at the Family History Library in Plainview It was a journey that I began while with envy over the story of Alex Haley s Roots Four years ago I wrote letters to members of La Famiglia Di Bartolo in Palermo Sicily I had located my grandfather s birth certificate and knew that he was born in Palermo The most important sentence in the letter...

  7. La Ricerca per Via Bonella a Roma

    from the March 2014 issue

    The search began with a collection of postcards retrieved from my grandfather s former home in New York City The house at West th Street was to be sold and we were given the opportunity to search through the house for family papers and artifacts H u n d r e d s o f post- cards in albums were found in a closet These postcards were written to Grandpop s cousin Adolfo Contini in Rome The greetings were postmarked and mailed from various cities in Italy by a friend of the family The postcards are important because they revealed...

  8. La Ricerca per Via Bonella a Roma Part II

    from the April 2014 issue

    Last months newsletter contained an article about searching for Via Bonella by Alexander Contini Alex thinks that more of his photos of the Archway from Via Alessandrina would be of inter-est to the membership He says that it would help people to better understand what happened to Via Bonella Here are more of Alex s photos The view of the archway from Via Alessan-drina across the excavated Fori di Nerva The archway from the Fiori di Nerva...

  9. Lauren Goeke's Italian Heritage - 25 % and Proud!

    from the June 2015 issue

    I first became interested in my Italian heritage when eleven of my family members traveled to Italy six years ago We visited our cousins Lena and Elio Castellano who live in Rome and spent a few hours listening to stories Nana translated most of the parts we could not understand Pressing olives standing in the shadows of Mt Etna and other stories fascinated me We traveled to Venezia Firenze Roma San Gimignano and Siena but our tour did not take us to Sicily I have vowed to return to Italy and to go to Comitini to find the Grassagliatas and...

  10. LDS to Put Microfilm on Internet

    from the December 2005 issue

    LDS to Put Microfilm on Internet Carrie A Moore Desert Morning News Ever wonder what's inside those secured vaults owned by the LDS Church positioned high inside the granite walls of Little Cottonwood Canyon The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is working toward allowing anyone with Internet access to learn more than they've ever known before about the information contained on millionplus rolls of microfilm housed there Currently the church is compiling searchable indexes to that information and will eventually make it available for free through an automated database on the Internet The church excavated the vaults containing...

  11. Le Due Torri Olio D'Oliva

    from the June 2007 issue

    Le Due Torri Extra Vergine Olio D Oliva Frank Sclafani is the IGG s inhouse Ambassador to Italy Frank flies over at harvest time to visit his relatives continue his family research in Sciacca study the Italian language and work on the farms He has provided this brief description of the olive oil production Due Torri oil is obtained from a very old variety of olives Frank will bring samples of Fabio Ciri s olive oil to the June th meeting for tasting and for sale Moraiolo and Frantoio comes from the olive groves of the Le Due Torri Farm...

  12. Leonard Covello

    from the January 2011 issue

    In December I received a copy of the ewspaper Justice which is distributed by the Sons of Italy An article was written by Professor Salvatore LaGumina Director of the Italian Studies at Nassau Community College Professor LaGumina honored four Italian-Americans who had been pioneers in education in the United States One honoree caught my eye Leonard Covello - who was born in Avigliano Potenza Italy and came to the US in settling in East Harlem Covello graduated from Columbia University in and taught at DeWitt Clinton High School where he introduced the Italian language When it became time for East...

  13. Leonardo Ancona

    from the October 2008 issue

    I will always remember my grandfather Leonardo Ancona during hurricane season The family story goes that sometime in the s the New York City area was being threatened by one of the usual round of fall storms Leonardo then a marine painter in his eighties had decided to prep his flag pole to be repainted Ignoring pleas from his sons Leo and Frank grandfather proceeded with his preparations although he probably kept one eye on the weather report It is easy to understand his sons frustration and fear when they looked out their window and spotted Grandfather lashed securely to...

  14. Let the Storm Clouds Gather Far Across the Sea

    from the January 2017 issue


  15. Letter to the Editor

    from the April 2004 issue

    Dear IGG Members This letter was submitted in support of Brian Andersson the Commissioner of the Municipal Archives in NYC Brian Andersson is not just respected in New York City he is our best hope to get additional records opened to the public A little background history Brian has done genealogical research for more than twenty years Like many of us genealogy was his passion and his hobby before it was his profession For many years he worked for the City of New York as a city planner Evenings and weekends he would do research on his own family as...

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