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  1. Garibaldi Meucci Museum Trip

    from the May 2013 issue

    Order Sons of Italy in America Bus Trip Sunday June New York Botanical Garden's Italian Renaissance Garden Wild Medicine and Healing Plants Around the World This exhibit is inspired by Europe's first botanical garden which was created in at the University of Padua in the Venetian Republic Immerse yourself in a lush landscape of Mediterranean plants including exotic and endangered species and medicinal plants classically arranged evoking the original design that remains at Padua to this day Discover how cultures around the world rely on plants for everything from food to medicine to cosmetics and enjoy a fascinating presentation of...

  2. Garlic Eaters - Immigrant Cusine and American Prejudices

    from the February 2015 issue

    Today Italian cuisine has such prominence on tables all across America that people rarely think of it as ethnic much less foreign Italian restaurants are in virtually every community Americans consume slices of pizza per second and spend billion per year on this Neapolitan creation according to the U S Department of Agriculture American supermarkets routinely stock prosciutto mozzarella olio d'oliva and even Italy's favorite breakfast snack Nutella But about years ago Italian food was considered exotic suspicious and even dangerous to health and character These shifting attitudes towards Italian cuisine reflect similarly shifting attitudes toward people of Italian heritage...

  3. Genealogical Resources in the New York State Archives

    from the April 2013 issue

    About the New York State Archives Established in and officially opened in Located in the Cultural Education Center Part of the Office of Cultural Education a program of the State Education Department The Archives cares for and provides access to more than million State government documents from the th century to the present The State Archives has a range of records of interest to family historians genealogists that includes vital records wills and other legal records military service records social services mental health records prison and reformatory records More specific information on the records in these categories and their availability...

  4. Genealogical Resources in the Patchogue-Medford Library

    from the January 2017 issue


  5. Genealogical Seminars

    from the May 2008 issue

    Genealogical Seminars for Our Out of State Members May Huston Texas The Bay Area Genealogical Society is offering a workshop featuring Christine Rose For more information contact Alice Braud-Jones at May Houston Texas The Houston Genealogical Forum will celebrate their th Anniversary with a Genealogical Problem Solving Seminar featuring Elizabeth Shown Mills The society s Website has more information about this event phone - - May - Kansas City Missouri The th Annual Conference in the States and Family History Fair of the National Genealogical Society will be held in conjunction with local hosts - Missouri State Genealogical Association Mid-Continent...

  6. Genealogical Work Shops for Out of State Members

    from the March 2006 issue

    March California Fair Oaks The Sacramento Genealogy Society announces an all day workshop featuring John P Colleta More details may be found by contacting samihud aol com March Virginia Falls Church The Fairfax VA Genealogical Society announces its annual conference Something for Everyone-A Conference for Today featuring Christine Rose Linda Woodward Geiger and T Humphrey For information and registration see the society's Web site http www fxgs org send an e-mail to fxgs cox net or write to Fairfax Genealogical Society Attn Conference Registration P Box Merrifield VA - April California Santa Rosa Barbara Vines Little will be the featured...

  7. Genealogy

    from the January 2015 issue

    They say genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the United States However studying the roots of one's family has long been a pastime for many Before the computer came of age searching for information was very hard and took forever to get responses when sending for information You needed to do a lot of foot work this saved you the waiting for the information which may never come When trying to find the exact location in the country your ancestors came from sometimes is very hard to come by I found people living where your family settled when...

  8. Genealogy 101

    from the January 2014 issue

    If someone walked up to you and said Hi I am your third cousin Would you have any idea what they meant Most people have a good understanding of a basic relationship What about the relationship terms second cousin first cousins once removed We don't tend to speak about our relationships in such exact terms Cousin is good enough when you are introducing one person to another So most of us aren't familiar with what these words mean Sometimes especially when working on your family history it's handy to know how to describe your family relationship more exactly The definitions...

  9. Genealogy 101: #14 Marriage Licenses

    from the April 2017 issue

    Introduction In this article part of an ongoing Introduction to Genealogy series Gena Philibert-Ortega discusses one of the most important family history records marriage licenses Gena is a genealogist and author of the book From the Family Kitchen Why do genealogists search for marriage records Genealogy is about confirming relationships through the generations One way to confirm relationships is to verify a marriage between two families Marriage records such as marriage licenses provide the tool to do that Now am I saying that everyone who had a child married No of course not but when we are connecting children to...

  10. Genealogy 101: #6 Alternatives to Death Certificates

    from the February 2017 issue

    Introduction In this article part of an ongoing Introduction to Genealogy series Gena Philibert-Ortega discusses alternatives to death certificates in order to find information about your ancestor s death Gena is a genealogist and author of the book From the Family Kitchen You want to confirm your ancestor s date of death so the obvious answer would seem to be that you should order their death certificate We discussed in the last article in this series see Genealogy Death Certificates how to find a death certificate but what if the state that your ancestor died in wasn t yet issuing...

  11. Genealogy is a Journey

    from the January 2011 issue

    I have a month s break from teaching my genealogy classes so what do I do As a dedicated genealogist I headed to the National Archives to chip away at some more documents I arrived at AM and began working on my list of documents I wished to find After lunch I was chatting with Joan the incredibly knowledgeable employee whom I have known from many years of going to the Archives A woman in her s walked in with her father and approached the desk She told Joan that she wanted to do her genealogy that afternoon and asked...

  12. Genealogy Seminars

    from the February 2009 issue

    Calendar of Events Federation of Genealogical Societies March Brea California The Genealogy Society of North Orange County will present a one-day seminar featuring Stephen Morse For more information about this event go to the society s web site March Mishawaka Indiana Jeff Bockman will be the featured speaker for the South Bend Area Genealogical Society's annual Michiiana Genealogy Fair for The society's web site has more information about this event March Hot Springs Arkansas The Village Genealogical Society has announced the Spring Family History Workshop featuring Michael John Neill For registration form and details contact Jeanette Frahm - - email...

  13. Genealogy Tip of the Day with Michael John Neill

    from the April 2017 issue

    Ignoring the First Wife I m not exactly certain what brought Andrew Trask to St Louis in the s but shortly after his arrival he married Ellen Weld She died shortly after the marriage and he married again and had all his children with his second wife Research has focused on the second wife because that s the one with whom he had children Clues as to Andrew s origins could lie in learning more about his first wife and his first marriage particularly as it took place shortly after he arrived in St Louis...

  14. Genealogy tips: Organizing family history research

    from the February 2015 issue

    As we get more involved in our family history research we acquire more and more information papers notes and photos that clutter up our homes To avoid losing these valuable pieces of family history it s important to find ways to organize and keep track of your family history research discoveries Here are some tips on how to gather that information preserve and organize it so nothing gets lost Organize data in alphabetical order This can be on a computer or in a written file If you have many documents separate them by the individual they concern or type of...

  15. Genealogy Tutoring

    from the September 2015 issue

    If you need extra help IGG offers assistance in two ways First we have the ever-popular Help Desk where you may consult an IGG expert who will assist you individually with a research or translation problem Our mentors for this program are stationed in the room opposite the sign-in desk before each meeting from to Secondly we are reinstituting our Beginner Genealogy Workshop This useful class for the novice genealogist will be taught by Joanne Heffernan and is limited in size to participants The class will be held in the Bethpage Library History Room main level opposite the reference desk...

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