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  1. Calendar Events

    from the September 2011 issue

    On Saturday September th Tony Di Bartolo presents Mezzo Siciliano-Mezzo apolitano at the Casa Belvedere the Italian Cultural Foundation Inc on Staten Island The admission of per person includes tasting film wine cheese and light fare Space is limited Reservations recommended For more information call - - or go to Tony will also be hosting an IGG booth at the Staten Island Snug Harbor Italian Cultural Program on Saturday October th On Tuesday September June C DeLalio CG will present her lecture ew Avenues to Italian Genealogy Research at the New York Public Library at the request of the New...

  2. Calitrani, AV Immigrants

    from the September 2014 issue

    During the summer Mario Toglia was a guest speaker at the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Peckville His - minute presentation focused on his research on immigrant communities from Calitrani who settled in the United States He spoke about his journey from writing his family s history to eventually branching out and collecting remembrances and stories from other descendants of these immigrants Here he is pictured discussing the lives of those who settled in Dunmore PA Mr Toglia s lecture was videotaped and has appeared for some time on Comcast Channel in the Scranton area...

  3. Campania Civil Records

    from the January 2006 issue

    Update-Campania Civil Records Submitted by Barbara Florio LDS has already filmed a lot of Civil Records in the region of Campania - the Province of Ave llino is already available The Province of Salerno is in the process of getting all the i's dotted and the t's crossed so the filming can be started The Catholic Church has balked at having any of their records filmed Baptisms and marriages documents etc are nice to have but Civil Records is where its at The civil records have traditionally contained cradle to grave ledgers and contain so much more information than Church...

  4. Caring & Sharing

    from the February 2008 issue

    At the January meeting Angela LaGiglia formed the audience into small groups based on various areas of Italy Campania Northern Italy Calabria and Basilicata Eastern Sicily Western Sicily and Apuglia Abruzzi and Molise Western Sicily- Frank Chiappisi The group consisted of people researching in Palermo Trapani Sciacca Castellammare del Golfo Agrigento Beiona Alessandria della Rocca Santa Margherita di Belice Marsala and Alcamo Frank displayed his personal research documents He showed his grandfather s Italian documents and distributed copies of a pre-printed Family Group Sheets He also displayed his grandfather s military records and provided forms and addresses as to where...

  5. Caring and Sharing

    from the February 2009 issue


  6. Case # 8: Is There A Photo Of Luigi Palatucci?

    from the May 2015 issue

    Information known - Mr Palatucci came to America from Sessa Italy - He resided in the Bronx New York City with his wife Carmela - Mr Palatucci was born in the 's Research Steps Two types of records contain photos of an applicant These documents are - Naturalization Records starting about - Passports which were in use but not officially required until I decided to use ancestry com to possibly locate these records if Mr Palatucci applied for either At the time of my research ancestry com had no naturalization records for Mr Palatucci in New York City I decided...

  7. Case Study # 10 - Why I Couldn't Find My Great Grandparents on the 1910 Census

    from the February 2015 issue

    While doing research on my maternal grandparents Giro and Luisa Villano Cioffi I obtained vital records Federal census reports through New York State and New York City Directories However I couldn't find them on the Federal Census Information known through previous research -- My grandparents married in in New York City -- They each came to America in on different ships -- Through death certificates I knew Luisa's mother's maiden name was Teresa Aiello -- The name Villano was later Americanized to Villas Research Steps to Find the Census if it existed - I decided to search for the census...

  8. Case Study-Find a Photograph

    from the June 2013 issue

    Case Study Is There a Photo of Aunt Lena The family does not have a photograph of a relative whose married name is Lena Salvo Could they find a photograph on an existing record Information known -Married to Anthony or Tony Salvo -Born in Italy Married in NYC - Lived in Brooklyn NY -Children are Dominic Angelina Fannie and Jean Research Steps First I decided to search the US Federal Census on the ancestry com website The Census indicated -a Lena Salvo married to Tony Salvo with children Dominic Angelina Fannie and Jean -Tony the husband and Lena were recorded...

  9. Case Study-Newspaper Archives

    from the April 2013 issue

    Facts Behind the Tragic Deaths of the Brolly and Gugliotti Families At the end of last year I was asked to find the facts about a horrible auto accident somewhere in the mid-west that resulted in the deaths of the Brolly and Gugliotti families The facts that were provided by one of two survivors of the accident are as follows At the time of the accident five persons were in the car Mr and Mrs Joseph Guggliotti Mr Bernard Brolly their son-in-law Mrs Bernard Gugliotti Brolly and their son Kevin Brolly Mrs Bernard Gugliotti Brolly and her year old son...

  10. Case Study-Was Our Name Changed In America?

    from the March 2014 issue

    My parents and my paternal grandparents said our family name was spelled LAURIANO Starting with myself then tracing back through most of the th century I obtained records searching under Lauriano Suddenly I hit a road block using that spelling Was the name either changed or misspelled by clerks a possibility The notion that names were changed at the Ellis Island or Castle Garden Depots is a myth Known information The family settled in New York City where unknown when they came to America from Italy My great grandparents emigrated to America but my paternal grandparents were born in Italy...

  11. Case Study: Confirming A Family Story

    from the October 2013 issue

    An ice cream parlor where the owner gave my mother and her sister free ice cream Information known The ice cream parlor was open in the 's The sisters lived on nd Avenue in NYC Parents are Giro and Louisa Cioffi The ice cream parlor side window was in an alley where the children played The ice cream parlor owner's name was similar to Mr Wetzel Aunt Rose holding my mother Grace Cioffi at the ice cream parlor window Research steps taken -- I used ancestry com to try to locate a US Federal or New York State Census --...

  12. Case Study: Story of the Great Aunt Who Was Held at Ellis Island

    from the February 2014 issue

    Family story that a great aunt with the married name Teresa Salvo was detained at Ellis Island for days upon her immigration to America Information known Husband's name - Salvatore - a shoemaker Children names - Salvatore Pasquale Josephine Catharine and Lina They lived in Brooklyn NYC Reasons Aliens were Held on Arrival to USA Illness Unmarried woman traveling alone with no one to meet them upon arrival Classification Symbols for Cause of Detention LPC Likely Public Charge LCD Loathsome Contagious Disease Such as Trachoma of the eye Canadian Crossing Investigate the possibility your ancestor came to America via The...

  13. Case Study: To Find Records for My Wife's Great-Grandparents

    from the October 2017 issue

    My wife is trying to get records from Italy of her great-grandparents She is not sure of her great grandmother s first name maiden name or region in Italy To start the search we must procure American records to ascertain basic info as to names and location of residence I decided to try to get social security records and naturalization records which would provide some of this information Using Ancestry com I searched for Salvatore Ferrarella my wife s paternal grandfather The website had information both from his Social Security Form SS- The website provided the address to obtain a...

  14. Celebrating The Heritage

    from the September 2016 issue

    Book Review by Dr Marilyn A Verna Celebrating The Heritage is a unique book among those recording the history of Italian immigration to the United States Instead of focusing on the experiences of Italians in general as a group settling in America Celebrating The Heritage continues Mario Toglia s book trilogy a collection of remembrances of immigrants from one hilltop town in the province of Avellino who settled in the United States The town Calitri is where Mr Toglia s parents were born and from where they and some other Calitrani emigrated Mr Toglia states that the purpose of his...

  15. Census Searching Reminders

    from the April 2008 issue

    A recent Tip from the Pros on missing people in the census reminded me that all of us have occasional difficulties finding someone in the census This week we look at some common pitfalls that may cause us to overlook that relative Are You Looking in the Right Place Are you absolutely certain where your ancestors were living at the time of the census If your ancestors were extremely migratory they may be in an unexpected place It is possible that they lived in a place for such a short time that living family members have no recollection of the...

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