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  1. Becoming Americans: The Italian Experience in the New World

    from the November 2013 issue

    Submitted by Michael Falabella America was discovered by one Italian Cristoforo Columbo and named after another Amerigo Vespucci Italians figured prominently in America's early exploration Giovanni Caboto John Cabot planted the Eng ish and the Venetian Flags in Maine or Newfoundland mistakenly considering it the main land of China The Florentine Giovanni da Verrazzano in explored northward from the Carolina coast to Nova Scotia The Verrazzano Narrows Bridge in New York is named for him Friar Marco da Nizzza explored in the southwest where his imagination transformed Zuni pueblos into the gold inlaid Seven Cities of Cibola Enrico di Tonti...

  2. Beginning Italian Research

    from the November 2008 issue

    Beginning Italian Research by Dr Marilyn Verna Italian Research does not just mean research in Italy There are some United States records that are written in Italian Dr Verna showed her grandparents marriage record from Brooklyn which was written in Italian Marilyn also has an Italian document received from a genealogy profiler Genealogy Profilers who can be found at heritage festivals and fairs charge you a fee for looking up your family Many are not correct they just follow a name not necessarily your branch of the name Other sources of Italian documents in the United States are Italian newspapers...

  3. Benefits of Dual Citizenship

    from the September 2009 issue

    The article below was submitted by Armand Tarantelli as a follow-up to the Ask the Experts discussion on dual citizenship at our April meeting The article was prepared by Bianca Ottone of My Italian Family and was published in the June-July issue of F L Primo magazine For more information you can visit www myitalianfamily com Acquiring an Italian passport gives you access to all European Union EU countries Dual Italian citizenship allows you to work anywhere in the EU It also gives you the right to vote in Italian elections and the option to retire to your ancestral land...

  4. Bits and Pieces

    from the March 2016 issue

    MOUSE POINTER - Have you ever lost sight of your mouse and couldn't find it on your screen If you have Windows go to Control Panel double click on Mouse then Pointer Options Check the box Show location of pointer when I press Ctrl key Click Okay and you shouldn't 'lose' your pointer again NYG B - Are you a member of Findmypast or the NYG B You will now be gaining access to many additional records at no additional cost Findmypast is now the home of the New York Genealogical Biographical Society's eLibrary offering millions of records from New...

  5. Board Votes to Raise Dues

    from the January 2005 issue

    While preparing our operating budget for the - year the Executive Board noticed that our cash flow will be in jeopardy if we do not take steps to increase the income of our organization The reason for this problem is that we have not increased dues since the organization was created ten years ago but our expenses have escalated drastically The basic cost of printing and mailing ten issues of our newsletter is per member This leaves only of our current annual dues for monthly speakers' fees hospitality publicity website maintenance and all of our other projects Postage rates are...

  6. Book Review

    from the September 2006 issue

    Dances with Luigi by Paul Paolicelli Thomas Dunne Books-St Martins Press A grandson s determined quest to comprehend Italy and the Italians They say that there is little interest in anyone s genealogical research unless you are personally involved Paul Paolicelli is not a genealogist but rather a journa list He rented an apartment in Rome for three years enrolled in Italian classes studied Roman and Italian history and befriended his English speaking neighbors whom he called Luigi they became his guide and translator He not only made his research interesting but he also uncovered the family stories that were...

  7. Book Review - An Italian Boy's Life

    from the June 2013 issue

    By Frank J Tassielli Frank Tassielli s memoirs include short stories about his first six years of life growing up in Italy and then his life in America He separates the stories into two distinct areas those of his family members and their history and episodes relating to his own personal life His very close-knit family originated in Sannicandro a few miles outside Bari Although his memory is vague about the years spent in Italy prior to World War II he relies on stories related by family members His father Massimiliano left for America six months prior to the birth...

  8. Book Review: Daughters, Dads, and the Path Through Grief: Tales from Italian America

    from the November 2016 issue

    Donna H DiCello Psy D Lorraine Mangione Ph D This book is about dads and their daughters and the relationships that developed through the years The authors quote Italian American women from different age groups careers and family structure Their thoughts feelings and reflections are representative of the Italian American woman in today s society The authors start the conversation with the basic demographic features of the dads Each interviewee gives a description of her father his character his life growing up little things he would say and do and the first memory she has of her father The ensuing...

  9. Book Review: Innocent Heart, Laughter and Tears

    from the September 2004 issue

    Innocent Heart Laughter and Tears In San Nicola La Strada was a suburban town with five streets The only greenery in town was along the Via Santa Croce Behind the town from the rear windows of the stone houses you could see farms in the distance Everyone in town knew everyone else Strangers were seldom seen and most doors were kept unlocked during the days The townspeople were for the most part good decent and hardworking neighborly yet respectful of others' privacy Innocent Heart Laughter and Tears is a captivating account of the life of Maria Marzia Maiello her beloved...

  10. Book Review: Preserving Our History

    from the December 2013 issue

    Mario Toglia a member of our Italian Genealogical Group has just completed his second in a trilogy of books about immigrants from his ancestral town of Calitri Province of Avellino Like his first book They Came By Ship The Stories of the Calitrani Immigrants in America the narratives were written mostly by those who remembered their immigrant parents and grandparents However there are articles about unknown ancestors in which the writer was able to put flesh upon the bones using research methods suggested by IGG and other family history forums Preserving Our History contains stories about the Calitrani immigrants who...

  11. Book Review: Prickly Pears and Oleanders

    from the April 2004 issue

    Prickly Pears and Oleanders is a memoir that chronicles the intellectual and spiritual journey of a farm boy who left the mountains of Sicily for the skyscrapers of New York A basket full of memories and significant events bring the past to the present Colorful townspeople and amusing characters appear in the various scenes that slowly move the action from the prickly pears and oleanders of Sicily to the majesty of New York The soft cover memoir is page s long and contains pictures in black and white The author Mario Macaluso holds a PH D from the Graduate Center...

  12. Book Review: The Inheritance By Marianne Perry

    from the June 2015 issue

    Many novels have been written about the peasants of Southern Italy and their struggles to survive on land basically owned by a landowner This story although fiction relates the experiences and relationships between the padrone and the servants The story takes place in the first quarter of the th century in Calabria The author uses her personal recollection of her travels to her grandmother s home town to set the stage Her words capture the beauty of the countryside Anna la signora of the estate in Cetraro lovingly cares for an orphaned servant girl Caterina as her own despite her...

  13. Book Review: The Office of Strategic Services and Italian Americans: The Untold History

    from the December 2016 issue

    Salvatore J LaGumina Ph D Director Center for Italian American Studies Nassau Community College has recently sent this press release announcing the publication of his new book I wish to inform you about my the twenty-first publication that I have either edited or authored the newly published book titled The Office of Strategic Services and Italian Americans The untold History published by Palgrave Macvmillan October I consider this one of the most important works that I have ever done because it examines the heretofore unknown role that Italian Americans played in the OSS the World War II spy agency predecessor...

  14. Book Review: Under the Southern Sun

    from the October 2004 issue

    Book Review Under the Southern Sun Stories of the Real Italy and the Americans It Created Reviewed by Tony Zeppetella As members of the Italian Genealogical Group most of us would say that we are researching our Italian ancestors Yet many of our great grandparents were probably born in The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies ruled by the Bourbon Dynasty which only became a part of a unified Italy in Within this kingdom were the regions of Campania Sicily Calabria Puglia Basilicata Abruzzo and Molise Over of the immigrants to America in the great migration were from these southern regions...

  15. Brick Wall or Detour

    from the October 2017 issue

    When it comes to genealogy you will hear many people say they have reached a brick wall They say they cannot find the information they need or they have gone as far as they can go Sometimes they become frustrated and think about giving up About six years ago I instructed my genealogy class to change the language they use to frame their seemingly impossible quest Language is important because it has the power to motivate or demotivate They say they have hit a brick wall A brick wall implies something impenetrable or the end of the road If you...

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