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  1. Ancestry.com Announces Landmark Probate Collection

    from the October 2015 issue

    Last week Ancestry com announced a new significant collection of databases U S Wills and Probates The collection contains more than million images covering all states and spanning years from to The documents mention more than million people including the deceased and others mentioned in the records This is the first time there has been a will and probate collection of this scale for the United States online Ancestry has invested several years and million to license and digitize these records The effort will continue for several years to come The choice to publish probate records demonstrates a dedication to...

  2. Angelo Fusaro

    from the January 2011 issue

    Fusaro ow Gave ame to Popular Strip of Beach What's in a name Take for example West Neck Beach in Lloyd Harbor It wasn t always known by that name Old-timers and older newcomers still find it difficult to call it anything but Fusaro's Beach And thereby hangs a tale The man for whom the beach was unofficially named is Angelo Fusaro who celebrated his th birthday on Wednesday July at his home located next to the property where he lived so much of his life in Lloyd Harbor Born in the Province of' Cosenza Italy in Mr Fusaro emigrated...

  3. Annual Christmas Party

    from the October 2006 issue

    ITALIAN GENEALOGICAL GROUP ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY Time Saturday December - PM Place Filomena s Restaurant Hempstead Turnpike Franklin Square New York - - Price Per Person MENU Salad Penne Ala Vodka or Rigatoni Di Pomodoro Entrees Select One Chicken Francese Chicken Parmigiana Eggplant Parmigiana Filet of Sole Sheet Cake Coffee Tea or Espresso Soda Regular or Diet Make Checks Payable to Italian Genealogical Group Mail to Mrs Barbara Florio North Beech Street North Massapequa New York - - Directions Woodridge Savings Bank Parking Lot North Side of Hempstead Turnpike blocks West of New Hyde Park Road...

  4. Annual Italian Experience Festival at Hofstra University

    from the October 2016 issue

    One of the features of IGG s presence at the Festival is providing attendees with an opportunity to initiate the process of discovering their family roots or to enhance their research Here Peter De Pipo is helping a visitor to find information from online websites...

  5. Another Case Study

    from the May 2011 issue

    Problem Finding any information about my cousin s natural mother who left her in an orphanage and whom she never met Only the woman s first name is known Raymonde Information Known Raymonde only lived in Manhattan after coming to America as a child She married a Henry Tron my cousin s natural father in the early s Raymonde married at least two more times after her marriage to Henry Tron Solution The US census would not help as the Census the one after the first marriage will not be released until April The date of her first marriage was...

  6. Another Case Study

    from the September 2011 issue

    Problem Finding the cause of death of a foreign war hero who came to America in the early th century Information Provided The man s name was Antonio Muzzarelli He died between and He was a war hero supposedly in Italy and a teacher during his years in New York City Solution Since he died in New York City I decided to travel to the NYC Archives on Chambers Street NYC Other options would have been to use the website for the New York City Archives nyc gov or the Italian Genealogical Group website italiangen org for Vital Records for...

  7. Another Case Study

    from the December 2011 issue

    Problem Find the cemetery where my great uncle Antonio Cioffi is buried when the birth and death dates are unknown Information Known The parents are Giro and Luisa Villano Cioffi two immigrants to America who were married in the early s in New York City The parents were buried at St Raymond s Cemetery Bronx NYC but the child is not Solution A review of the names on two websites listing the burial places of certain persons mentioned no Antonio Cioffi findagrave com and interment net The US Federal Census revealed that by April the date of the census Luisa...

  8. Another Connection to South America

    from the April 2015 issue

    The story related by Barbara Florio A Connection to South America is very similar to mine The Falabella name originated in Sanza Campania Italy and its surrounding towns My wife and I visited there but we couldn t find a single Falabella not even in the cemetery We were told that the bones had been dug up and sent to the church storage area Although I was unable to find one Falabella in Campania I could find them in many other places along with unusual stories about them In the mid- s a Falabella having an argument with a priest...

  9. Another Website

    from the January 2016 issue

    Joanne Heffernan has discovered another interesting website if you need to know when any particular home in New York City was built Pure Information is the name of the website It's a collection of projects by Brandon Liu encompassing his interest in cities Just go to http pureinformation net building-age-nyc An interactive New York City street map will appear Place the pointer of your mouse on any address and the year the building was built will appear Building and address data was joined for NY City buildings by their recorded date of first construction...

  10. Anthony DiBartolo

    from the September 2009 issue

    Italian American Museum Back in June Anthony DiBartolo Vice President Public Relations gave a presentation at the Italian American Museum It was a sell-out crowd and Francesca Tarantino gave a full report in the June st issue of Oggi magazine above Francesca was kind enough to translate the article for us If you think about your surname especially in the case of a not common one you always think that you know your roots but the internet and the world database have changed this conviction that everyone had Especially in the USA where most of the population has different roots...

  11. Antonio Meucci (April 13, 1808 - October 18, 1889)

    from the April 2017 issue

    Antonio Meucci was an Italian inventor He developed a form of voice communication apparatus in and has long had champions arguing that he should be credited with the invention of the telephone Meucci set up a voice communication link in his Staten Island home that connected the basement with the second floor He was unable to raise sufficient funds to pay his way through the patent application He filed a patent caveat in which expired in In Alexander Graham Bell patented the electromagnetic transmission of vocal sound by ondulatory electric current There is a belief that the reason Bell got...

  12. Antonio Meucci's 200th

    from the June 2008 issue

    th Anniversary of Antonio Meucci s Birth April - A special celebration of the Meucci stamp cancellation by the United States Postal Service was held at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in Staten Island In attendance were the director of the museum Emily Gear the Honorable Francesco Maria Talo Consul General of Italy in New York and Vito Fossella US House of Representative for Staten Island and Brooklyn The ceremony also included a tour of the museum and a wreath presentation at his memorial site on the museum grounds In the heart of Rosebank is the historic home of pioneer inventor Antonio...

  13. April Genealogical Events

    from the April 2009 issue

    Vice President Public Relations Anthony Di- Bartolo will bring his Mezzo Siciliano Mezzo apoletano family history presentation and discuss his travels to Italy at three locations in April On Saturday April th at PM he will be at the Franklin Square Public Library at Lincoln Rd Franklin Square NY - - On Saturday April th also at PM Tony will be at the Dongan Hills Library at Richmond Road Staten Island NY Call Gail Pantone at - - On Thursday April th at PM Tony will make his presentation at the new Italian- American Museum at Mulberry St NY NY...

  14. April Meeting

    from the April 2016 issue

    Our April th meeting will feature Kathy McGee whose topic will be What Does Your Ancestor Look Like Clues to Your Ancestor s Appearance Kathy will show us examples of records draft registration cards naturalization records passports that can give us clues to our ancestors hair eye color height and build when we are lacking photos She will also speak about how to find these particular records Kathy is a volunteer at the Plainview Family History Center who serves on the GFLI board She has been researching her Irish and German family roots for years...

  15. April Meeting-Clues to Your Ancestor’s Appearance

    from the May 2016 issue

    The guest speaker at last month s meeting was Kathy McGee whose topic was What Does Your Ancestor Look Like Clues to Your Ancestor s Appearance Many of her PowerPoint slides were photos of her ancestors and where a photo was not available Kathy showed us how to locate historical documents that include a person s physical description Here are some of the highlights of her presentation Kathy began with an old photo of her greatgrandmother in s style clothing she calls it Five foot two eyes of blue She managed to trace those family blue eyes through many documents...

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