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  1. A Minor Naturalization

    from the November 2005 issue

    A Minor Naturalization Michael John Neill This week we look at a record that we have not utilized in this column before a minor naturalization A minor naturalization does not mean That the individual was a minor at the time of the naturalization That the individual worked in a coal mine that's a miner not a minor Before we proceed any further it is worth noting that for much of American history mostly men naturalized and before most naturalizations took place in some type of county court There are exceptions but generally women did not naturalize especially when they could...

  2. A Mothers€™ Day Interview to Honor Mom

    from the May 2011 issue

    May is the month traditionally set aside to honor our mothers I recently read an article by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Interviewing Mom and Grandma Oral History Tips Genealogy com suggesting a very unique Mothers Day gift for Mom or Grandma We who are fortunate enough to still have these special people in our lives might consider Sharon s tip to interview the women in our family to preserve their life stories Sharon points out that women traditionally do not create as many public documents as men do so interviewing women provides an important picture of their private lives What is...

  3. A Ristori Family Mystery Finally Resolved

    from the February 2014 issue

    As a senior at Dowling College I chose to take a course with Dr Rhoda Miller titled Family Roots Search and Understand Throughout the course I did considerable research to resolve an oral history story about one particular ancestor I am very honored to be able to share my findings with you My father always told me that we were related to a famous actress who lived in Italy Adelaide Ristori My father knew about her because his great grandfather came from a family of actors and actresses He remembers my grandfather telling him about the politicians and well-known people...

  4. A Sacrifice: The Story of an Italian WWI hero

    from the November 2014 issue

    This year marks a century since the beginning of World War I To commemorate we share the touching story of Italian soldier Cesare Mele from Sezze south of Rome While the Central Powers consisted of Austria-Hungary and Germany Italy decided to remain neutral in and eventually joined the Allies France UK and Russia in May Once they entered the conflict Italian soldiers died were wounded and disappeared or were captured as prisoners of war MyHeritage user Lucia Fusco shared the story of Cesare Mele her courageous great-uncle who through his self-sacrifice was able to save his own family In Italian...

  5. A Short Story

    from the February 2006 issue

    During the search for my roots of all the bits and pieces of information that I have obtained thus far the most interesting and informative is my greatgrandfather Pietro Barasso's discharge papers from the Italian army His entire military history is hand written on the back of the discharge document Because of the age and flowery penmanship it took a while for me to find someone that could translate it I finally found Juliet Viola at jviola best com and she did an excellent job My great grandfather was the son of Alessio Barasso and Vencenza Blasi He was born...

  6. A Taste of Old Lucania

    from the May 2010 issue

    Italy s Unexplored Region Raffanata a pungent horseradish souffl Carne alla Pastorale an ancient shepherd s dish Ciambotta a medley of seasonal vegetables Baby pumpkins infused with hot chili peppers Agnello e Finocchio Al Forno oven-baked lamb roasted with bulbs of fresh fennel Zuppa di Fiori de Zucchini a soup of zucchini flowers Pastatelle chestnut turnovers Fuselli con Rafano the ubiquitous pasta dressed with fried bread crumbs cheese and grated horseradish And the renowned Lucanica spicy sausages once favored by the Romans These are part of a little recognized regional cusine of Italy in danger of being lost forever Few...

  7. A Taste of Old Lucania

    from the June 2010 issue

    Italy s Unexplored Region A Reminiscence It all began in a busy Washington DC restaurant many years ago The chef an elegant Italian-born woman ran her kitchen alone and mingled with patrons as well And as we conversed in Italian the natural question arose What part of the country are your parents from she asked in flawless Italian Basilicata I responded Oh well she sighed unable to conceal the disappointment in her voice I am from Milano she added with a tinge of arrogance A product of Northern Italy there was really nothing she could say about those less fortunate...

  8. A Taste of Old Lucania

    from the October 2010 issue

    A Brief Overview Christ did stop at Eboli where the road and the railway leave the coast of Salerno and turn into the desolate reaches of Lucania Christ never came this far nor did time nor the individual soul nor hope nor the relation of cause to effect nor reason nor history Excerpt from Christ Stopped At Eboli by Carlo Levi Basilicata home of my ancestors was once called Lucania by the Romans and Basilikos by the Greeks and is located at the instep of the Italian boot south of Naples in the Lucano Appennian mountain range It is an...

  9. A Visit from a Brazilian Cousin

    from the May 2005 issue

    A few years ago I received an email from a Alesandro young man living in Sao Paolo Brazil asking if we were related He found my email address floating around somewhere in cyberspace and decided to write to me He was in his twenties two months and wanted to meet with us My husband Mike and I invited him to dinner and had a lovely visit Unfortunately I did not invite any of my children or grandchildren thinking they would not be interested He did manage to meet my younger daughter Gina and granddaughter Dana who incidentally thought he was...

  10. A. J. Buddy Fortunato

    from the December 2010 issue

    You have read here many times my encouragement for you to visit Italy and experience the history beauty and culture that makes this land the number one vacation destination in all of Europe I remember my first visit so well because it not only was my honeymoon but it was as if my body knew it was in a 'familiar' land It is a feeling you must experience to appreciate and fully understand But I must tell you the emotion of visiting the town of your heritage is truly like no other especially when relatives still live there I heard...

  11. Abruzzo Earthquake

    from the September 2009 issue

    Some Bad and Good ews about the Earthquake in Italy Congratulations to the members of the Italian Genealogical Group for your contribution to the earthquake in Abruzzo This effort was the result of the total cooperation of President Nick Rossi the Executive Committee the IGG Newsletter Editor Tony Sasso and the generous gifts of the general membership The earthquake struck L Aquila and the surrounding towns on April th killing persons and left homeless President Silvio Berlusconi moved the Group of Eight summit to army barracks to add some revenue to the town and to improve morale A fresh tremor...

  12. Ads and E-mails

    from the October 2005 issue

    Ads and E-mails Do you own a business or provide a service that you would like to advertise monthly in our newsletter We are still accepting business card ads at per issues What a bargain at only per issue Ads will begin in November's issue Call - - if you or someone you know may be interested Are you tired of receiving your newsletter late Since local post offices handle bulk mail differently some members have been frustrated by receiving the newsletter late or not at all You can get an early scoop hot off the presses if you sign...

  13. Advance Your Research Skills: Attend a Conference

    from the September 2017 issue

    Many local and national genealogy groups hold conferences and seminars yearly The National Genealogical Society sponsors a family history conference every May They are generally held in a Midwest City or southern city with the exception of Salt Lake City People from around the United States and abroad attend The conference is a four day event Wednesday through Saturday from AM to PM There are five lecture hours per day within categories therefore you have lectures to choose from each day Each year there are sessions such as skill building DNA technology methodology records and repositories Other categories include New...

  14. Aeolian Islands

    from the May 2007 issue

    Research Disks for Aeolian Islands The Italian Genealogical Group is the recipient of a tremendous project that was c o mp l e t e d by R Cappadona on his trip last year to the Aeolian Island just north of Eastern Sicily In a very admirable accomplishment he digitally photographed almost all the gravestones in various cemeteries on the Islands quite a feat for one person during his two weeks stay there last September The quality of the images is fantastic He has put these images in alphabetical order on disks which he donated to the Italian Genealogical Group...

  15. Albanian Migrations

    from the June 2010 issue

    The First Migration In Alfonso V of Aragon King of Naples lost several rebellions by barons in the rural area of his kingdom in southern Italy He called upon his ally Giorgio Castriota of Kroja military commander of the Albania Alliance for military assistance Lord Castriota also known as Skanderbeg sent a detachment of Albanian troops consisting of distant clans who brought with them their wives and families These Albanians known as Arbereshe were successful in suppressing the rebellion King Alfonso rewarded the commander for his victory in Naples by appointing him governor of Calabria and awarded his troops with...

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